Research Papers & Review Papers

Year 2020

Research Papers
1Kuruppu, K.; Perera, K.; Chamara, A.; Thiripuranathar, G., Flower shaped ZnO—NPs; phytofabrication, photocatalytic, fluorescence quenching, and photoluminescence activities. Nano Express 2020, 1 (2), 020020.
2Weerawardana, M.; Thiripuranathar, G.; Paranagama, P. A., Natural Antibrowning Agents against Polyphenol Oxidase Activity in Annona muricata and Musa acuminata. Journal of Chemistry 2020, 2020.
3Wathudura, P. D.; Peiris, C.; Navarathna, C. M.; Mlsna, T. E.; Kaumal, M.; Vithanage, M.; Gunatilake, S. R., Microwave and open vessel digestion methods for biochar. Chemosphere 2020, 239, 124788.
4Deshapriya, U. S.; Dinuka, S.; Ratnaweera, P. B.; Ratnaweera, C. N., In silico study for prediction of novel bioactivities of the endophytic fungal alkaloid, mycoleptodiscin B for human targets. Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling 2020, 107767.
5Perera, K.M.K.G., Kuruppu, K.A.S.S., Chamara, A.M.R.; Thiripuranathar G., Characterization of spherical Ag nanoparticles synthesized from the agricultural wastes of Garcinia mangostana and Nephelium lappaceum and their applications as a photo catalyzer and fluorescence quencher. SN Appl. Sci. 2, 1974 (2020)
 Review Papers
6Uzair, B.; Liaqat, A.; Iqbal, H.; Menaa, B.; Razzaq, A.; Thiripuranathar, G.; Fatima Rana, N.; Menaa, F., Green and Cost-Effective Synthesis of Metallic Nanoparticles by Algae: Safe Methods for Translational Medicine. Bioengineering 2020, 7 (4), 129.
7Chamara, A.; Thiripuranathar, G., Assessment of Haemostatic Activity of Medicinal Plants Using In Vitro Methods: A Concise Review. IOSR Journal of Pharmacy and BiologicalSciences 2020, 15 (1), 26-34.
8Nusra, M. S. F.; Paranagama, P. A.; Amarasinghe, L. D.; Udukala, D. N., Pheromone baited biopesticide for control of Leucinodes orbonalis Guenee in brinjal plant. Frontiers in bioscience (Elite edition) 2020, 12, 35-47.
9Peiris, C.; Nawalage, S.; Wewalwela, J. J.; Gunatilake, S. R.; Vithanage, M., Biochar based sorptive remediation of steroidal estrogen contaminated aqueous systems: A critical review. Environmental Research 2020191, 110183.
10Abeysinghe, A.; Deshapriya, R.; Udawatte, C., Alzheimer’s disease; a review of the pathophysiological basis and therapeutic interventions. Life Sciences 2020, 117996.