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Compreli Consulting (Pvt) Ltd offers garment recovery service in all major apparel sourcing countries & works with 6 out of 10 largest apparel manufacturing organizations in Asia and several reputed brands. The company is incorporated in Sri Lanka and provides its services to companies in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam & Jordan. We are also in the process of expanding our services to other major apparel manufacturing destinations such as India, Kenya, Ethiopia, Turkey, Egypt, Myanmar, Indonesia and Cambodia. As a unique solution provider for apparel and textile manufacturers, Compreli is assisting exporters to reduce the amount of rejected products through a special monitoring & recovery process in order to increase the export volume. This will also help manufacturers to maximize their shipment quantity of every purchase order. Several defect categories that the company provide solutions for are: 1. Color shading which will reduce reductions as well as avoid cutting with special markers. 2. Color/fly yarn 3. Cut Holes 4. Stain marks & dye patches. Therefore in our continuous drive for better performance, we are looking to hire a Lab Chemist on full time or part time basis who will do our R&D to find new chemical solutions which have superior performance while not harming the customer. In addition there is a chemical management part which needs to be handled with few of our key clients & requires interaction with the client.

If anyone is interested pls contact Shehan on 0773-722721 (Voice, Text or Whatsapp)

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