Message from the Dean

Recognizing the value and importance of educated youth, the College of Chemical Sciences (CCS), has provided another avenue of study for post-Advanced Level students in the Sciences, through the long-standing, well-recognized, RSC accredited Graduateship programme in Chemistry (GIC), and the UGC accredited Bachelor of Science Honours (BSc) in Chemical Science which commenced in 2020. The Diploma in Laboratory Technicians (DLT) programme conducted by the CCS since 1973 caters to the ever-increasing need for technical expertise at all levels in private and state institutions. The well-qualified, experienced, and dedicated internal and visiting academic staff teaching in these programmes ensure that the highest standards of academic excellence are maintained.

Academic excellence is undoubtedly necessary. A wholesome education is not merely about obtaining good grades. It should teach students valuable life lessons such as integrity, compassion, empathy, tolerance, and the ability to interact with others. It should also provide students the desirable skills of effective communication, critical thinking and problem solving, etc. Supporting this concept of wholesome education, we at the CCS encourage students to develop their interests and skills be it in sports, drama, music, or debating through the numerous activities of the societies, and clubs of CCS. Thereby, we believe that the education provided by the CCS would enable our students to become well-rounded global citizens of the 21st century.

“The highest function of education is to bring about an integrated individual who is capable of dealing with life as a whole.”  – J. Krishnamurti

Professor Ramanee D. Wijesekera
Dean, College of Chemical Sciences