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Announcement to all corporate members,

For the information of all Corporate members regarding submission of nominations for
honorary office bearers of the Council, Institute of Chemistry Ceylon – 2021/2022.
By-Law 11.1(b) of the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon requires the outgoing Council to
nominate the following office bearers (from amongst Corporate Members of the Institute) at
the 50th Annual General Meeting scheduled be held in June 2021.

• Two Honorary Secretaries
• Honorary Treasurer
• Assistant Treasurer
• Editor
• Assistant Editor
• Secretary for Educational Affairs (AB-IChemC)
• Secretary for International Relations
• Chairperson, Admission and Ethical Practices Committee
• Secretary, Admission and Ethical Practices Committee
• Chairperson, Board of Trustees

The Council would be pleased to entertain suggestions from Corporate members of persons
suitable and willing to be nominated by the Council. Corporate Members are therefore invited
to send their preferences for one or more of the above posts to reach the Honorary Secretary
on or before 2nd May 2021.

These nominations will be placed before the Council when it takes up the discussion of the
office bearers for the next Council year (2021/2022) at the 583rd Council Meeting scheduled to
be held on 7th May 2021.

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